How to get a free iPhone 8 Plus OVERNIGHT

Win a free iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7  or iPhone 8 and iphone 8 Plus by entering our free iPhone 8 Plus giveaway. But if you are like me and don’t wanna wait till the free iPhone 8 winner list comes of every week, here’s a good news for you. You can win a free iPhone 8 Plus overnight , and all you’ll need is a Facebook account with more than 50 friends in it. Invite 50 or more friends to our Free iPhone 8 contest and we’ll send you a free iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB version overnight (that’s right with FedEx express shipping). Follow the steps below carefully.

How to get a free iPhone 8 quickly within 24 hours? 

  1. Using this send button, send our links to 50 or more friends on facebook. Don’t forget to add a personal message, because your send counts only if the person joins our contest.
  2. Invite all of your friends to be on the safe side, because if there’s a need to rank our contestants we’ll choose number of invites as a factor.
  3. After you’ve send them your invites, go to our Free iPhone 8 Plus Giveaway Fanpage and make post telling why we should give you a iPhone 8 Plus for free mentioning at least five friends in that post.
  4. And if we’ll message you over facebook about the shipping details and we hear from you you’ll have your free iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iphone 8 Plus on your way.
  5. So what are you waiting for start sharing.
  6. Or you can also join our free iPhone 8 Plus giveaway but you’ll have to wait till the winners are annoucned and read about the odds of winning a free iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iphone 8 Plus.

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