iPhone 11 Pro Max Review – Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max worth it?

iphone 11 pro max

Apple on September ten, 2019, released its brand new iPhones that is the iPhone eleven Pro Max, which are now being sold alongside the iPhone eleven. Apple states that the 6.5-inch and 5.8-inch iPhone eleven Pro Max possess a new “Pro” moniker since the 2 devices are created for users that would like the best smartphone that is available.

The brand new phones feature HDR assistance, a great contrast ratio. True Tone is provided for matching the balance of the phone screen on the background lighting in the space to allow it to be much easier on the eyes, as well as extensive color for much more vivid, realistic colors.

The iPhone eleven Pro Max is a little taller and wider compared to the predecessor of its, but what you will see most is how it’s eighteen grams heavier. I quickly got used-to it, but the extra weight does make this already expensive phone feel more luxurious. This’s still a big phone, given its 6.5 inch screen size, and it can require 2 hands to arrive at the top part of the screen.

It remains among the several phones made of stainless, which feels just as high end as that phrase felt to create. It is stronger compared to the aluminum you will find on nearly all smartphones (including the iPhone eleven). Although what is new here’s the matte texture on the back, the front and back actually are wrapped in durable glass. It is fantastic. It does not attract hideous fingerprints, so I am not squandering half my day time wiping it thoroughly clean, and matte aesthetics over the glossy kind are preferred by me. Apple’s not the very first company to enjoy this texture type; Google made it happen last season with the Pixel three.

In our iPhone eleven Pro Max assessment, we take a look at what it is love to work with an iPhone as an Android pc user. We also check out whether the Pro is one of the best mobile phone on the market.

Apple iPhone eleven Pro Max: Performance

  • Performance

Apple is known for high performance chipsets, as a result of a mix of cutting edge processors as well as the closer integration with Apple’s program. This’s the reason an iPhone tends to do just and or even superior to an Android device despite frequently packing much less RAM. Regardless, a Pro telephone with just 64GB of storage space on the base design is just not sufficient in 2019; iPhone eleven Pro Max options really ought to start at 128GB.

I did my ideal to challenge the iPhone eleven Pro Max’s hardware, actively playing brand new games as Mario Kart World Tour and Oceanhorn two, operating benchmarks still left and correctly, etc. Everything opened fast, screen transitions were sleek, and I never come across any slowdowns or perhaps perceivable performance hiccups. That is more than I can state for my Pixel three XL.

In order to place it into perspective, my Pixel three XL scored a significantly lower 513 on the single core in addition to only 2,148 over the multi core. The Note ten Plus attained 717 on the single core and 2,637 on the multi core.

Real-world performance means a great deal more than benchmarks, but it is an advantage to see what the information yields. On Geekbench five, the eleven Pro Max scored 1,328 for individual key plus 3,478 for multi core. You may observe that the scores for Geekbench might appear slightly low, but that is because version five changed the existing scoring system.

Then, we ran the iPhone eleven Pro Max through 3DMark, exactly where it got 5,404 in the Slingshot Extreme sectoin, and  Note ten Plus had 5,692. This provides a slight edge on the Note. Lastly, we place the iPhone through AnTuTu in which it rated 454,013. The Note ten Plus did not do also at just 369,029.

The iPhone eleven Pro Max is a great device, there is no denying it. Part of this is produced by the small software/hardware integration. Having said that, loads of Android phones will be as fluid and fast (or at least almost so) when the iPhone. Also, keep a watch on Gary Explains, as he’s intending to release a brand new series that eventually pits iPhones against Androids in a brand new variant of Speed Test.

  • Price, , and availability warranty

The iPhone eleven Pro Max is 1,100 dollar, or perhaps 1dolar1 45.79 per month in case you choose a monthly installment program, and that is for the starting 64GB model. You are able to also select the 256GB storage option as well as the cost jumps to 1dolar1 1,249. The 512GB version is going to set you too 1dolar1 1,449.

A standard warranty that protects your phone against manufacturing defects for one year from the particular date of purchase are offered by apple. You are able to pay much more for AppleCare, that provides 2 years of coverage for accidental harm & defects.

  • Stellar battery life

Incredible is the word I would work with to refer to battery life on the iPhone eleven Pro Max. I have yet to find out it dip under thirty %. I have used it after eight a.m. on the phone and multiple days sat at thirty five % at five a.m. the following day, leaving me with lots of juice to continue using it until I have to work in case I did not wish to charge the phone immediately.

Just how much you leave it is going to depend on the usage of yours. Games were played by me, viewed attacks of shows on Netflix, replied to emails and messages, streamed music, snapped photos – medium use, I would say – and also I often arrived home around six p.m. with a bit of under fifty % remaining in the container. If I remained out during the night as well as hit the town, I would be at around thirty % at eleven p.m.

Battery life is a whole day of comfortable, worry free use, and quickly a day-and-a-half, in case not two, if you are a light user.


Looking past my unique OS tastes, the iPhone eleven Pro Max is an outstanding phone. The camera is probably the very best these days, at least for right now. It feels durable and hefty, something I love from a telephone. I do not love the design or the notch of the digital camera, but I do not always appreciate the style of my Pixel three XL either.

In case you currently work with iOS, the iPhone eleven Pro Max is a no brainer. Android users getting different experience about phone that you can take it into consideration. For all those happy with Android, nonetheless, there is truly nothing here to make you think about Apple.