Win a free iPhone 12 quickly tips

We have given away more than 500+ units of iPhone 11’s and 200+ units of iPhone 12 pro. But as much as we want to give out more free iPhones you can always do something to increases the odds of winning for you in our free iPhone 12 Giveaway. And in case you don’t want to wait and rely on uncertainty, here’s something you could do to win a free iPhone 12 pro in 24 hours. Sounds crazy right? Check that out. But you can also join our free iPhone 12 Giveaway and see if you won. So those, here’s also some ways you could increase you chances to win a free iPhone 11 or a iPhone 11 pro. 

How to increase your chance to win a free iPhone 12

  1. Enter the giveaway more than once. Get more than just one ticket. The more tickets you have more the chances that you’ll win.
  2. Share our giveaway on your profile as well as your friends profile, our algorithm takes note of how many shares you have about us over facebook or google plus.
  3. You can always share us by using the left hand side buttons.
  4. Post on our iPhone 12 pro free giveaway Facebook Fan Page about how much you want it and tag or mention as many friends as you can.
  5. Follow us on Google Plus and add to your circles.

So if you have already applied for it, start inviting your friends using the share buttons on the left side or get new tickets for your iPhone 12 lucky Draw. Also if you haven’t applied to win a free iPhone 12, apply for it now.

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